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✔ You’ve been struggling to find traction with your online course

✔ You’ve found yourself spinning wheels all year trying to get your online course business off the ground

✔ You would LOVE to make 10k+ per month with your online course WITHOUT all the hustle

✔ You know you need more than just a DIY course, you need support and you’re ready to learn from someone who has gone before you


katie is brilliant at what she does 

money making made easy should be the name of all her courses


katie is real, relatable and knows her stuff 

katie goes above and beyond for her students 

I took a different course last year that was $6,500 and after I completed it I honestly felt like it wasn’t worth the money I spent on it.

This program is the EXACT opposite of that. It could easily be double the cost and it would still be MORE THAN WORTH IT!!!

Katie breaks down the entire process for you step by step in a way that makes it feel so easy. Her teaching style is laid back and to the point. No fluff, no hours of content to weed through. She gives you exactly what you need in the order you need it. Somehow she takes a pretty complicated topic and makes it really simple and easy to implement and I am totally here for that!

For me, the most valuable part of this course is that she personally audits your work at every single step. It’s like having a 1:1 coach telling you what to fix or giving you feedback on your stuff and her expertise has been so incredibly helpful for me at every step! She really does make sure you get to the finish line, and that is huge!

Before taking Katie’s course I did a live launch of my program and it was successful, but it was exhausting. Katie totally gets it! She is a master at helping you figure out how to speak to the soul of your ideal client and turn strangers into buying customers while you are out playing with your kids.

This program was, without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made in my business, HANDS DOWN.

Simple straight to the point step by step system that actually work! Ive spent so much time in other courses and at the end all I have are notes.

With Katie's courses I leave with an actual action plan. Realistic due dates because its all easy reasonable things to do that will bring you revenue quickly! Plus you learn to price your product right and leveling up your services to be worth premium prices. Can’t say enough things about Katie 

She is down-to-earth, honest, and inspiring. She makes it easy to feel comfortable asking questions, interacting with other students, and promoting your ideas out into the online world.

 She propelled me to put into action an idea that I had been thinking about for over a year. Within a few days of working with Katie, I had kicked my idea into a reality and put my action plan into place! Thank you Katie for all that you have shared. You have forever changed that value I have placed upon myself as business owner.

If you are even THINKING about buying Katie's course, STOP everything else you are doing and BUY IT NOW! I cannot stress this enough. I wasted so much money and time on other programs that did not nearly give me the ROI that Katie does.

 She truly cares about her students and gives her everything to their success. She holds nothing back. Her course is not just "fluff", it is actionable steps, how to's, and hand-holding (when needed). She is real, relatable, and knows her stuff

Katie is one in a billion ya'll. I can't tell you how much her teaching + expertise has blessed my business. Her teaching style is SO relatable, down to earth, and simple for me to understand. Not only that, but the way she genuinely cares for her students + goes above and beyond to make sure they are successful is truly incredible.

I launched my course from scratch just eight weeks after enrolling and sold 5 courses in my first week. Forever grateful for Katie 


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creator of empowering children through chores 

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