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You experienced a taste of success with your online course

But the method you’ve been using to sell your course is sucking the life out of you.

Can you relate?

It's ALL possible for you. I want to help. 

You're incredibly burnt out from priming an audience with free Facebook groups, hashtags, content, free tips, livestreams, reels and a dreadful soul sucking youtube channel. You just want an easier way to sell your life changing course. 

You want a sales process that is easy and repeatable and does not require more work and time out of your precious schedule. 

All you really want is to sell your course every single week without selling your face-off. Automated sales is the vibe. 

Most of all, you are ready to take more vacations with your kids, spend money like it's on fire, and stop busting your rump for pennies. 

Let's Paint Your New Reality

You wake up in the morning with an email notification that 3 people have purchased your $697 course. 

You go downstairs and have breakfast with your kids just like any other morning, only this time you and your husband aren't arguing about money. 

You call those credit card hounds and pay them in full. No more debt collectors chasing you down anymore. 

You go on your usual Target shopping run, only this time, you don't feel guilty about buying yourself that cute dress with the matching purse. 

You're smiling ear to ear everytime you think about it, because you've finally found a way to make an impact on your students AND consistent income. 

Imagine running an automated, profitable campaign that not only brings you leads, but also pays for itself every single day. (Yes, you read that right)

Imagine going to launch your next product, service or flash sale and now you’ve got thousands of ready to buy customers who are dying to sign up for your offerings

Imagine never wondering/studying how those influencers are so irresistible. Spoiler: It's not by magic fairy dust- it's strategy. The same one I am teaching you in Audience In A Weekend.






This is my reality 

I have 5 kids who I love dearly, and they only have one childhood. I don't want to miss it. 

I also have a huge passion to teach people how to live more financially stable lives with automated course funnels. 

I did NOT want to be spending hours behind my computer networking, organic marketing, selling and selling. Building offer after offer hoping one of them was a home run. 

So I decided to launch an automated course funnel. Something that could sell my course for me while I lived my life and spent my work hours serving my students 

I went from 0 audience/email list to a $195K course business in 11 months. 

I found a way to make life and business mesh together and I want to show you how to do the exact same thing. I'm ready to coach you to the finish line. 

Our 10 Months Together Will Include:

The Bonuses


The 10 Month High Touch Group Coaching Program to create an evergreen sales machine for consistent, predictable and scalable income with your online course.

10 Months Access To The The 6 Module Course Roadmap: the exact strategic steps to take to hit $10k months any beyond on autopilot with your online course

Bi-Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls With Katie: get direct feedback from me, eyes on your funnel and support from your biggest cheerleaders starting immediately after you enroll.

Weekly Content Video Audits: get personalized video feedback from Katie on your sales page, webinar slides, workbook, and course idea every week until you reach the finish line. 

Private Facebook Group: 10 Months access to the Facebook group where you can collaborate with likeminded course creators and get your biggest questions answered by Katie.

Mo more worrying whether or not your copy can convert and no need for expensive copyrighter. Exclusive access to the email scripts, sales page copy that’s increased my conversion rate above industry average

Get exclusive access to my evergreen webinar + challenge templates that generated me over $200k in automated sales. This is not sold anywhere else.

Don’t have a course yet and not sure what to create? I’m giving you instant access to my 2 hour workshop designed to get your million dollar course idea created and out into the world. Naming, pricing, outlining, pre-selling is all included!

The Script Vault

Fill in the Blank Webinar + Challenge 

Create Your Course Blueprint



katie is brilliant at what she does 

money making made easy should be the name of all her courses


katie is real, relatable and knows her stuff 

katie goes above and beyond for her students 

I took a different course last year that was $6,500 and after I completed it I honestly felt like it wasn’t worth the money I spent on it.

This program is the EXACT opposite of that. It could easily be double the cost and it would still be MORE THAN WORTH IT!!!

Katie breaks down the entire process for you step by step in a way that makes it feel so easy. Her teaching style is laid back and to the point. No fluff, no hours of content to weed through. She gives you exactly what you need in the order you need it. Somehow she takes a pretty complicated topic and makes it really simple and easy to implement and I am totally here for that!

For me, the most valuable part of this course is that she personally audits your work at every single step. It’s like having a 1:1 coach telling you what to fix or giving you feedback on your stuff and her expertise has been so incredibly helpful for me at every step! She really does make sure you get to the finish line, and that is huge!

Before taking Katie’s course I did a live launch of my program and it was successful, but it was exhausting. Katie totally gets it! She is a master at helping you figure out how to speak to the soul of your ideal client and turn strangers into buying customers while you are out playing with your kids.

This program was, without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made in my business, HANDS DOWN.

Simple straight to the point step by step system that actually work! Ive spent so much time in other courses and at the end all I have are notes.

With Katie's courses I leave with an actual action plan. Realistic due dates because its all easy reasonable things to do that will bring you revenue quickly! Plus you learn to price your product right and leveling up your services to be worth premium prices. Can’t say enough things about Katie 

She is down-to-earth, honest, and inspiring. She makes it easy to feel comfortable asking questions, interacting with other students, and promoting your ideas out into the online world.

 She propelled me to put into action an idea that I had been thinking about for over a year. Within a few days of working with Katie, I had kicked my idea into a reality and put my action plan into place! Thank you Katie for all that you have shared. You have forever changed that value I have placed upon myself as business owner.

If you are even THINKING about buying Katie's course, STOP everything else you are doing and BUY IT NOW! I cannot stress this enough. I wasted so much money and time on other programs that did not nearly give me the ROI that Katie does.

 She truly cares about her students and gives her everything to their success. She holds nothing back. Her course is not just "fluff", it is actionable steps, how to's, and hand-holding (when needed). She is real, relatable, and knows her stuff

Katie is one in a billion ya'll. I can't tell you how much her teaching + expertise has blessed my business. Her teaching style is SO relatable, down to earth, and simple for me to understand. Not only that, but the way she genuinely cares for her students + goes above and beyond to make sure they are successful is truly incredible.

I launched my course from scratch just eight weeks after enrolling and sold 5 courses in my first week. Forever grateful for Katie 


karina lissette
creator of empowering children through chores 

melissa probst
creator of wedding mini guide templates

Amber Page
creator of biz + babies course

andi diamond
creator of market your way to 100k

Daily Workbooks




You have permission

TO WANT more from your business
To want more freedom
To leverage your skills
To make a crap ton of money from your course(s) 

i am handing you the strategic road map + supporting you along the way inside this program 

You are The perfect fit:

You already have a course and are ready to automate the selling process so you can ditch exhausting free weekly content

You haven't launched your course yet but you are ready to go ALL IN on your brilliant topic and you would love to be supported someone who's done what you want to do.

You'd rather stuff your face with chick fil a then get on one more exhausting coaching call. You're ready to take your coaching skills to the passive income world.