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The podcast for ambitious business women who are ready create a true financially free course business.

I'm a wife, Mom of 5 and full time course creator. 

I caught the course fever in 2019 and have been completely unstoppable ever since. After creating a multi-six figure wedding photography course business in just one year, I'm obsessed with sharing how our course has changed things for us.

This show is going to get into the nitty gritty of creating a course that truly brings you freedom. 

I’m Katie - your podcast hostess and business hype girl. 

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Oh, how I longed for just one Sunday at home with my kids

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Floyd and I went from slaving away at Burger King to a full time wedding photo + video team. We built a six figure/year wedding business while building our family of 7. 

We loved our career and were truly thankful for the opportunity to meet so many incredible couples.

After Baby #4 came along, we started to pay closer attention to the number of hours we spent away from our babies. 

I realized that the amount of weddings I'd need to shoot to support my growing family was going to burn me out fast. 

I built an incredible business, but it wasn't scalable. 

I had to choose. My kids ONE precious childhood or my career. 

I decided to pivot. I started teaching my skills + experience in the wedding space and rapidly grew my online course business. 

I created an online course business that didn't consist of social media posts, free weekly tips, traveling to conferences to network, blogging or free Facebook groups. 

I created an online business that works FOR me. Not against me. 

Now, Floyd and I get to spend hours each and every day with our children. 

I can't wait for you to dig in to the podcast so I can show you how you can do this too! 

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