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I'm a 29 year old Mom of 5 who built a $6M coaching biz in 2.5 years 

I caught the course fever in 2019 and have been completely unstoppable ever since. After creating a multi-six figure wedding photography course business in just one year, I'm obsessed with sharing how our course has changed things for us.

Floyd and I went from slaving away at Burger King to a full-time wedding photo + video team. We built a six figure/year wedding business while building our family of 7.

We loved our career and were truly thankful for the opportunity to meet so many incredible couples. After Baby #4 came along, we started to pay closer attention to the number of hours we spent away from our babies.

I realized that the amount of weddings I'd need to shoot to support my growing family was going to burn me out fast. I built an incredible business, but it wasn't scalable. I had to choose. My kids ONE precious childhood or my career. I decided to pivot. I started teaching my skills + experience in the wedding space and rapidly grew my online course business.

I created an online course business that didn't consist of social media posts, free weekly tips, traveling to conferences to network, blogging or free Facebook groups. I created an online business that works FOR me. Not against me.

Now, Floyd and I get to spend hours each and every day with our children.

I can't wait to show you how it's ALL possible for you, too! 

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I'm katie.