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Ep 9: – $42K in 6 months: 10K Accelerator Student Spotlight with Paxton Anderson

August 4, 2021

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Today I have a very special guest. My mastermind friend, my Accelerator student, my Enneagram 8 twin, Paxton Anderson. I am interviewing her today to talk about all of her crazy success with her course since launching it this year and answer some of your most burning questions. 

Paxton is a Wedding and Senior Photography Educator in Arkansas. Her course is about how to book yourself out with seniors using a method that she does with spokesmodels.

She came through the pre-sale of the Accelerator and she was there when the content was being dripped out. I was creating it by the week in real-time, and she would watch the training and reach out, like, “Okay, what’s next?”

It’s so inspiring to everyone in the community that it can be done. Paxton has a full-time job, a husband, a daughter, and a photography business.

This episode is proof that you can pursue your wildest course dreams with freedom – even when you are working at your 8-5!

Paxton decided to turn her love of photographing seniors into a successful course. Her reason? If you love it and are passionate about it, you teach it well.

In this Student Success story, we cover:

  • Paxton’s motivation to turn her passion into an online course
  • What her sales process is and how she made over $40,000 in course sales
  • What she regrets about live launching her course and her advice to entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with the live launch process
  • Why she invested in the 10K Accelerator, her hardest and easiest parts on automating her sales funnel
  • The importance of launching your course now and rising above social media distractions
  • How much money she spends on her Facebook Ads each day and how you can do the same for the price of a coffee cup.
  • How much time she spends managing her business, as a full-time teacher, wife and mum (It’s less than 5 hours a week!)
  • What she does with ALL THE EXTRA INCOME her course business is generating each day
  • Her future plans for her course students and what you can do to scale your course business to make more money and serve your students better
  • How to pick the BEST coaching program when you want to get started with course creation

Resources mentioned:

The 10k Accelerator Program: Apply Here

Follow Paxton on Instagram (and watch her reels!)

Check out Paxton’s Senior Photography Course here

Follow me on Instagram for free live training, to watch my students’ success stories and of course, our life with 5 kids!

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