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EP 10: Becoming a leader in a saturated market

August 11, 2021

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This episode is about becoming a leader in a saturated market. I also share two funny stories of that time Floyd and I tried to be fake to gain clients in our wedding photography business. Don’t try it.

I’m sure somewhere inside of you, there’s this feeling or question of:

“Is the market just too saturated for me?” 

It’s a valid feeling. The market is saturated. 

I want to help you determine today, whether or not becoming a leader is right for you, and how to stand out from the crowd of saturation.

If you hit play on this episode, chances are you are a natural-born leader. You were born to rise. There’s no other reason why you’d want to click on this episode and listen to it. 

A leader teaches something they ABSOLUTELY love.

If you are not teaching something that you love to teach, you’re never going to feel like a leader. I think that this is the first step to becoming a well-known leader and becoming someone who everyone seeks and in return, making you lots of money and impacting people.

One of the ways that you can really feel like you do have something to offer is by teaching something that you love. You got to love it. You got to be in love with it. We have to focus on one thing at a time and remain loyal to that. 

If you are not doing the thing that you absolutely love with your course, and you’re not creating the thing that you love, and you feel like you’re creating it because you have to, I highly recommend episode number one. Permission To Pivot is where I share my story on how I went from pivoting and the hard decisions that I had to make and how that felt and what happened after that.

A leader has no online and offline persona.

Right now, you have my full permission to drop the internet face, because nobody cares. 

When you talk different on your Instagram stories, and you are different online from who you are in person, that’s not right. 

You can drop the internet face because no one cares about it anymore. Back in the day, it was the thing to look really pretty and polished and perfect and beautiful. We’ve been programmed like that our whole lives. 

People want real, they want a real human being who actually cares about them and their success more than they care about themselves. Right? People want your authentic self. If you have a stutter, that’s okay, people are gonna like that about you. If your house looks like a disaster right now, you can still post a picture online or post an Instagram story of what you’re doing today. And your house is a mess in the background. You don’t have to clean it up all pretty. You don’t have to.

People want a leader who is in power. But is also authentic and real and they feel like they can relate to them. You don’t want to be untouchable. You don’t want to be unrelatable to your tribe. You want to be so down to earth and relatable because that’s how you lead them. They listen and pay attention and invest in you when you are real. 

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago, “I really want to join your Accelerator Program. But I feel like what I want to teach the market is already too saturated.” 

I replied to her, “The market is saturated. If you want to be fake and pretty and polished like a Barbie doll. Yeah, that market is filled with people who talk your head up and tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear to get results. That market is maxed out. They already have their posse. But where your posse is hiding is when you show up real.”

You can drop the F-bomb and your people will like it. Because that’s who they are too. 

When we can show up as we are we stand out. And especially when we cut the fake BS out here and just be who we are. 

My Facebook Ads that convert the best are the ones where I look kind of ugly. Like, I have my mom outfit and my hair’s in a bun. Those ads have brought me thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s kind of crazy. 

Sometimes my emails have typos in them. Sometimes I have a potty mouth. I’m a very passionate speaker. That’s my other phrase for really being a potty mouth – I’m a passionate speaker. And people like it though. My people. 

They love me and respect me because I am the real deal. I am who I am in person. I am online who I am in person, I’m the real thing. They can connect to that. 

If people feel like they can be friends with you in real life, and they can trust you, they will trust you with their wallets. They will invest in you, and you can get them results. That’s how you lead a pack. That’s how you become known in your industry. 

Your webinars might not sound perfect, your course might not be recorded perfectly. You might not have perfect slides, you might not have a perfect brand shoot done, people don’t care as much as they care about the person who’s showing up to lead them.

I promise you that people are done with the BS. 

The true secret to becoming a leader is leading with authenticity, owning who you are and speaking your mind, however that comes across. 

If you have reservations about becoming a leader and still feeling like you can’t do it, and you want a famous Katie pep talk – DM me on Instagram. I will give you a little coaching voice note and help you see just how powerful and much of a natural-born leader you were truly meant to be. 

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