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Ep 1: Permission to Pivot

June 21, 2021

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My Shift from Wedding Photography Coach to Online Course Coach

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In this week’s episode, I am talking about pivoting in your business.  Whether or not you should pivot and one of the questions you should ask yourself if you want to pivot successfully in your business.

I want to share my story with you. I went through a really hard time in 2020 with this. In 2019, I was a wedding photographer coach. I was booking high-end weddings, and it would fire me up. I taught wedding photographers how to book their calendar, and I loved it. 

I wanted to teach other people how to do it, but then I became really excited about course creation.

‘ My desire was to teach people how to create courses and how to sell them on autopilot

the way that I had been selling them.’ 

Episode talking points:

  • How Covid-19 in 2020 wrecked the wedding photography business and my lessons from that (I was pregnant with my fifth child)
  • Leaving my highly successful wedding photography and wedding photography coaching
  • My desire to teach others about creating and selling their dream courses
  • Searching for approval to pivot in the wrong places and the wrong people
  • The power of desire and strong will in trying something new
  • Launching my new signature program  in Jan 2021
  • Making $100K in Q1 of 2021
  • How you can pivot no matter where you are coming from

‘You can pivot and put all of your energy into something that you want and the results will shock you.’ 

‘You shouldn’t pivot out of fear. But you should pivot out of desire.’

Resources mentioned:

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