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Ep 2: Beating the Imposter Monster

June 24, 2021

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In this episode, let’s talk about imposter syndrome when building an online course. She’s a sneaky little witch, right? It seems like we get a spark to create something new or to do something new and it doesn’t take long for these thoughts to sneak into our mind. Are we good enough? Are we an imposter? Should we really be doing this? 

I want to give you a step-by-step therapy session to come back to every time you get stuck in your head.

Every time that imposter monster creeps up, I want you to do is take out a notebook and write down these steps. 

Step One – Write down what your course genius is

If you haven’t created a course yet, what do you want to teach people? Or what do you teach people?

What are you good at? What is your industry? What is your thing? And I want you to ask yourself every time you feel like an imposter, get specific, write it down. What are you feeling? What specific thoughts are you feeling and why do you feel like an imposter? What is the reason that you feel that way?

Step Two – Check your facts 

When we feel like we’re an imposter, we need to do a fact check. There’s your conscious mind and there’s your subconscious mind, right? And usually, your subconscious mind is the one that’s trying to be overly logical with you.

If we see someone out in the world, who’s doing something that we’re doing, teaching the same thing that we want to teach, they have flashier numbers, they have more results, they have more testimonials, they’ve been doing it longer. It causes our logical brain to say it would be stupid for you to become an educator or to do this thing because there are other people out there doing it.

We have to check the facts.

We surely have tons of people above us. They’ve been in the industry for 11 years, 10 years, and they have millions of dollars earned in their own course sales.

Are you a hairstylist who’s been a hairstylist for maybe three years? And you have this really signature way of healing, damaged hair, and you want to create a course that teaches people how to heal damaged hair?

Why would you be an imposter if you teach people how to do the thing that you know how to do?

There are people out there right now that literally have blindfolds on your people. They’re looking for you. And honestly, the bigger, flashier numbers don’t relate to everyone.

If you made six figures in business and you want to teach people how to make six figures, you’re not an imposter.

If you make six figures in business and you want to teach people how to make seven figures, you are an imposter.

You only need to be two to three steps ahead of someone else in order to teach them. 

Step three – Identify the trigger 

We need to identify the trigger so that we can prevent this from continuing to happen to us over and over and over again.

One of the biggest ways that we can prevent this is by figuring out:

  • What happened?
  • What triggered me? 

One of the things that triggers me all the time is if I go look at someone else’s stuff. I start looking at their website. I start looking at their testimonials and I start thinking, “They’re just all going to go to her and they’re all going to opt into her quiz and they’re all just going to pay for her course and I’m going to be broke.” 

My husband always laughs at me whenever I get in my head. He says that I’m diving into the dumpster juice 🤮. Honestly, if you’re there right now, let’s stand up and let’s get out of the dumpster juice and figure out what triggered those emotions and how can we prevent that.

A famous saying that I really love is to Keep your eyes on your own passion.

Your desires are meant for you. You’re not an imposter. You are incredible. You can do this.

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