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Ep 3: The Key to a Thriving Course Business

June 24, 2021

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Do you dream of having a thriving course business? When we decide that we want to create an online course business, we are so easily persuaded. Or influenced by the people that are doing it around us. A lot of times we’re presented with a lot of different ideas like Courses, coaching, mini-courses, masterminds, memberships, group coaching programs, digital product shops, templates, expensive courses, cheap quizzes, all the things. 

This can leave us feeling totally clueless as to where we should even get started!

What we need to do is we need to take a look at what actually makes a fully thriving, online course business. 

That’s what I want to give to you today, so that if you’re just starting, or maybe you’ve dabbled in a little bit over the last few weeks or months, or even years, you will know, once you walk away from this episode, exactly what you need to start doing in order to build that thriving course business you want.

Avoiding Overwhelm with your Online Course

A lot of times we believe that in order to have any success at all, we must, of course, have what our competitors have. We have to have a Facebook group and we have to have a lot of followers on Instagram and we have to have a fully beautiful and professionally designed website.

We start going out and trying to build those things little by little. We open a Facebook group and we’ll put a little bit of our attention there. And we put a little of our attention into building our website and we get totally stuck on what kind of website software we need or which program to choose.

Then we become totally overwhelmed. We’re just never going to get there.

The Airplane Mentality for your Online Course

Honestly, I felt this way too, but I knew that I wanted to have a course business that was thriving and that gave me the freedom that it was designed to give me.

I started to pick up some patterns and I started to see where I was getting really stuck.

We have to look at our online course business as an airplane that’s currently sitting on the ground. It’s just sitting there. 

Airplanes are designed to fly. 

Your course business is designed and built to be successful. I can promise you that this industry is booming right now, and there’s plenty of space for you.

Here’s what your airplane (online course) needs. 

  • It needs FOCUS.
  • It needs ATTENTION
  •  It needs MOTIVATION

This is the gas that your plane needs to take off. 

The key to a fully thriving course business is focus.

We have to eliminate the squirrel syndrome. We have to be so laser-focused on getting our airplane ready to launch off the ground and into the sky before we can move on to the next thing.

My opinion is to build it evergreen where it runs all the time and it’s always making you money. Once it is up in the sky, it is kind of on autopilot, right?

How To Decide on Your Course Topic

One way that you can figure out if the topic that’s in your mind of creating a course on is something that you really, really want is this. Sit down with a piece of paper and think : 

  • Could I talk about this all day long? 
  • And if I could, what would be some topics that I would talk about?

Set aside all the fear you have in your mind. Like, Oh, will people even buy this? Or if there are too many other people creating that. I thought that. The same thing about becoming a course coach. Obviously, there’s a ton of people out there who teach courses.

I thought the same thing, but I couldn’t deny the fact that it was my desire. I just wanted it so bad. I felt so inspired to talk about it. The ideas came to me. 

 If your course topic can flow out of you on paper, you know that you’ve got yourself a winner. You know that your topic is inspiring you right now. You know that it’s lighting you up and setting your soul on fire and whatever word you want to use, whatever phrase you want to use, you know, that it is for you.

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