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Ep 4: Daily Affirmations For A Successful Launch

June 24, 2021

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This week’s episode is all about launching and affirmations.

Let’s go over the journey, right? You’ve built out this whole big course and you are feeling so excited because you’re finally going to reap the benefits of all the hard work that you’ve put in.

Common Mindset Traps After Launching Your Course

Here’s what I see happening a lot.

We launched the course, right? Then in almost hours to minutes, we’re checking our inbox to see if we’ve made a sale yet. It’s been a couple of hours. We’re okay. But by nighttime, our energy starting to drop because no one bought or maybe one person signed up. You’re looking at your goal and you did the math on how many you’d have to sell per day during your launch to hit your goal.

Our resilience starts to drop. We start to question everything about our program and everything about ourselves. This was a lot to put yourself out there. 

You have to be excited in order for your potential customers to be excited too, for live launching. But this also works for your evergreen funnel because here’s something I see with people who launched their evergreen funnels.

You hit that publish button. Your ads are live. You get really in your head about spending money on ads. And even though you set aside a budget and it may only be a hundred dollars, you’re still so much in your head.

By day two or three, if no one has signed up yet, which let’s be honest, people do need some time to think about your offer, right? You start to question whether or not you should even go through with paying for the ads.

We start to back down and we start to lose momentum. I get messages a lot from people who are not even my students. They send me messages and they’re like, it’s crickets over here. No one’s buying. No, it seems like no one cares. 

I want to give you my affirmations, things that I tell myself and remind myself. If I have time, because to be honest, I have five kids. If I have time, I will sit down and journal about it.

These are the affirmations that I gave myself when I was launching big, scary things. Such as my high ticket coaching program and the 10K Accelerator.

My offer sells with ease

However many students you want. So for me, I would say 10 new students are ready to buy right now. 

My ideal dream students are on my sales page right now about to buy.

I’ve been there when I have like been in my car, driving to Chick-fil-A in tears, I’m going to get the fattest, greasiest thing that Chick-fil-A provides with the biggest soda and just totally eat my feelings because no one has signed up or I’m not hitting my goal.

I’ve done this before. And literally, I have pulled up to Chick-fil-A and checked my email. And someone bought my course and I sit there and I think to myself, why did you just take minutes, hours, or even a day off of your life, stressing out like a crazy person when someone was going to buy all along, someone was on your sales page!

My students love my energy

My students love the way that I teach and they can’t wait to learn from me. People are loving my free thing. So whether you did a free live stream or a webinar or challenge whatever it may be. My people, my ideal students love my free content. I am fully capable and deserving of the results that I am seeking.

[Put in your goal in the beginning]

100K months are meant for me.

I don’t want you to be shy here on your goal. Remember, confidence. You can do this. 100 K months are meant for me. $20,000 weeks are in flow to me right now. 

Every time you launch something new and you’re like, Oh my gosh, I’m starting to panic inside. What do I do? You can do this. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

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