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December 16, 2021

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The Live Launch Model Vs. The Evergreen Strategy. Which works best?

When launching your first course as a busy mom, you’re looking for a solution that will bring great transformation to your students and create passive income for you. Additionally, you are also looking to create freedom and be more present with your family without working 50 hours a week.

Dr. Sumer Ledet is a licensed psychologist, anxiety expert & digital program creator. She helps overwhelmed working mothers to get present and focused on what matters so they can feel content, capable, and laugh lots along the way! She developed a group coaching program during COVID and has used Katie’s automation strategies to share it with the world.

More than anything, Sumer wanted to improve her mental health by working fewer hours and being more present with her children. Can you relate?  Sumer now enjoys more time flexibility, autonomy and time with her boys and husband than ever before. 

Listen to learn why the evergreen model worked best for Sumer, the cons of live launching, how to automate your first sales funnel and Sumer’s honest review of the Accelerator program.

In this Student Success story, we cover:

  • Transitioning from one-on-one coaching to create her first group program
  • Her experience with live launching her first online program
  • Her decision to enrol in the Accelerator program
  • Her experience with automating her course sales funnel
  • Pros and Cons of her Live Launch Model Vs. The Evergreen Strategy
  • How much she spent on Facebook Ads to create $5K in 14 days
  • How her program is helping more moms become more present and less anxious
  • Overcoming limiting money beliefs to hit a financial goal of $300K
  • Her honest review of the Accelerator and Katie as her Coach

“I wanted to be a present mom.

I wasn’t able to do that on the live launch model because it was tanking me so much.”

Resources mentioned:

The 10k Accelerator Program: Apply Here

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Join Sumer’s masterclass for anxious moms here

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