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Ep 7: How I Am Doubling My Income Again

July 21, 2021

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Last week, I broke down the three-part manifesting framework I use to double my income. Today I want to share with you what steps I’m actually taking to do something totally crazy. Double my income AGAIN. You may be wondering, ‘Do I even want to double my income again? Wasn’t a six-figure sales month enough?’ 

I’m a big dreamer and I set really high goals.

I’ve got five kids who rely on me to set the path for their financial future. Coming from a Burger King paycheck to a wedding salary that supplied just enough, but not a crazy amount of extras, I’m on a mission to keep it totally real with you. 

Big financial goals isn’t a bad thing. That’s not bad. You’re not wrong. 

The framework is called NPE. I totally made this up, not going to lie. I woke up in June and I decided I was done. No more playing around. My goal this month is to collapse the time. Last month, I did a six-figure sales month. This month I’m working on my six-figure cash month.

Here’s how I am using the NPE Framework and so can you!

1. Necessary

The first part of the framework is ‘Necessary’. Making the goal necessary. What this means is why do you need this kind of goal? Why do you even need this income? What do you even need it for? 

I need it because we’re moving soon and we don’t want the move to be financially stressful in any way.

We want to have the most buying power that we possibly can because right now is probably the most horrible time to move and to be a buyer.  It’s a seller’s market and we want to have as much buying power as we possibly. We don’t want the move to jeopardize our other plans either.

Our goal is to reach our half cash goal. Meaning, we want to be able to pay for a house with 50% cash.

I want you to think the same way about your business and your life. Why not you? Why can’t you do it too? You definitely can.

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate the word budget.

I hate having a budget control my life. That just doesn’t seem fun at all. We have one freaking life to live and I’m just not about it. If you’re the same way, then get on this framework. It could very well change your life.

If you take nothing else away from this episode, then I hope the one thing you walk away with is that you understand that you got to set big ass goals. You got to. In your business and everything, because there’s no way that you’re going to want to wake up motivated and excited and on fire to achieve more for yourself.

Side note:  I’d love to hear what your goals are. I love talking about goals with people, so definitely come over to Instagram and chat with me. I would love to know what your goal is.

2. Preparation

The second piece of the framework is  Preparation. This means how I’m actually preparing for the growth. This makes it feel less scary to actually hit the growth and to see it and feel it actually come into my reality. 

Here’s what I’m actually doing. 

I’m hiring a coach to help me map out the logistics of raising the price on The 10K Accelerator. It is my signature group coaching program. For those of you who want to launch and scale a completely automated course without the need of a huge team to manage or any prior audience.

It is by application only because I want to make sure that you are the perfect fit for the program and that I can get you results.

I also surveyed my student community to see what I could improve. I want Accelerator to be the best freaking program there ever was. I want people to feel safe and at home. No matter what size shape, color, or anything that they are.

I’m always pulling my audience and my student base to see what I can do. And that’s what I did for this month. After that, I made a list of new workshops and lessons, and I am putting them on that freaking calendar.

How are you preparing for your next income goal? Let me know!

3. Embodiment

Basically, who do you need to become in order to receive the money? Who do you need to show up as in order for that money to show up to you? For me, honestly, it’s kind of embarrassing. I am not a good eater. I eat really horribly. So I have actually hired a health coach. I’m getting my health together. I am going on a different diet lifestyle. It’s not really a diet, but just a whole healthy living and healthy eating lifestyle.

I want to be a better person and I want to be a better person to myself. I’m kind of mean to myself. I beat up my body. I’ve pumped out five kids and I’ve been nursing each baby for 18+ months. I want to show up as a better version of myself, for my customers, for myself, for my kids, for my husband.

I am hiring a health coach because I know that that’s what the next level of me is going to need. 

The second thing that I did, which was kind of by accident, was I hired a wealth coach. I want the money that I’m making to make money for me. 

I am really good at making money but I’m not actually that good with what I’m supposed to do with all the extra money. I know that the next version of me, the version of me that makes six-figure cash is someone who has a supportive team behind her and helps her with what to do with her money. 

Those are the two big things that I did for the third part of the framework.


The whole reason why I’m even able to do this is that I have an automated funnel in place. I do not spend all my life selling my face off for pennies. I have a sales machine that runs for me every single day of my life. I have that stability in my life. I know when sales are coming, I can rely on that. 

That is why I created The Accelerator. I want to show you the ropes of exactly how you can do that. Go on and apply if you feel called to, and you’re ready to step up to the plate and claim your next level version of yourself. 

I want to know what your framework is. Head over to Instagram and let me know what you are doing to manifest your big, fat, dreamy, sexy goals that I know that you are also capable of achieving!

I’ll see you on next week’s episode.

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