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Ep 6: How I Doubled My Income In 30 Days

July 14, 2021

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June of 2021 was the month that I doubled my monthly income. 

I mainly want to share it with you because a lot of people talk to you about how they increase their rates, or they have all these strategies. Honestly, for me, that wasn’t the case. 

I didn’t really change much strategically. And I went from a multiple five-figure sales month in May to a six a year sales month in June. I sold the same program for the same price point, the same sales strategy.

Here’s what I didn’t do:

  • I didn’t increase my ad spend. 
  • I didn’t offer any new products.
  • I didn’t hire any new team members. 

I’ve been dreaming of proving a certain point for quite some time. I wanted to prove to the industry that you didn’t have to be a big star in order to make a ton of money.

I’ve been an underdog and I want to prove that you don’t need: 

  • Any prior existing audience or a big team
  • A ton of money to invest
  • A bunch of different products for all different price points 
  • A product suite 

You literally can have one offer and one really good sales funnel. The same sales funnel that I teach you how to create step-by-step inside of my signature program, The 10K Course Accelerator. I’d love for you to check it out and apply if you’re ready to build a course with entirely automated sales all the time.

My NPE Framework

DECIDED that June was going to be the month that I broke out. And I just went for it. I just did it. So here’s how I made this happen.

The framework is called NPE. Necessary Preparation Embodiment.


I decided I want it to be easy and in integrity with my morals and my values. I’m not a pushy salesman. I don’t make people buy things that I don’t think they’re the perfect fit for, for my own financial gain.

Necessary means that I picked an income goal and created financial goals that made the income goal necessary. 

Let’s say you want to make $10,000 a month.

 What you need to do is to create a place for that 10 K to go.

 Set a really big financial goal. Like, I want to buy a house in cash or like something like that. Something that would make your income goal feel like it was necessary. You got to make the goal feel necessary and, feel like it belongs to you in order for you to step in and really own it and go to the next level.

If say that you want $10,000 a month, but you have no idea what you’re even going to do with that, it doesn’t feel real. 


We need growth prep because what’s going to happen when you start making more money? You will get in your head about it.

I decided that I was going to prepare for what was coming. So, what I did was enrolled my kids on full-time childcare. I put them into a three-day childcare program and they go somewhere else for two days a week. It is five full days of childcare.

This is going to give me space, not only to work more hours if I want to, but it’s also going to give me CEO time.

Another thing that I did to prepare for the growth was I outsourced more of my workload. I gave a couple more tasks to my assistant that I knew could probably slow me down. 

Like, I’m already prepared to receive the money, right? To receive that income goal, I’m already ready for it. I’m prepared. Let’s just do this, you know?


You have picked the income goal, you’ve made a place for that money to go. You’ve written down things that you’re going to do with that money. You’ve prepared for your business to grow and explode. The very next step is embodiment.

If we want to attract the income goals we’ve been longing for, we need to stop living, acting, and being the same exact person with the same exact beliefs.

We need to step into our next level in order for our next level to step into us. 

During this process, the framework that I created was exactly what I did to double my income. I didn’t increase my ads. I didn’t hire a big team.  I didn’t do a live launch. I didn’t create another offer or anything like that. I didn’t take on any one-on-one clients.

Literally, I did the same thing that I do every month. And this is what happened. 

I doubled my income and these were the steps I put in place.  I feel like the energy aspect of the growth was the part that was missing.

Immediate Steps To Attract What You Want

Here’s an example of what embodiment means. Stop saying to yourself, ‘When I make X dollars, then I’ll get my nails done.’ ‘When I make X dollars, then I will get out of debt’.

 Commit to becoming the next-level version of yourself.

So, say you don’t have the money to get your nails done. Like you simply don’t. That’s totally fine, but I want you to put it on your calendar. Your next nail appointment. 

Let’s say you want to leave your job. You’re saying that when you make $10,000 of your course, you’re going to leave your job. Let’s go to that calendar. Let’s go put the date that you’re going to put your two weeks’ notice. Let’s make it real.

Every time you make these embodiment moves, you’re embodying the next level version of you that has always wanted to do these things. 

Make a list of the things you would do and follow this three-step framework so that maybe you too could double your income and the results might totally shock you. 

Next week, I’m going to share with you the steps I am taking to double my income again using the NPE framework. I will share with you how I am preparing so that July could be another double revenue month. 

See you next week.

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